Bipolar Celebrities

It is often discussed that many creative people live with bipolar disorder. There are many famous people who have bipolar disorder. The good news is many living famous people with the illness are opening up and discussing that they live with bipolar disorder.
Here is a list of famous people who have bipolar disorder according to online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Sophie Anderton, model
Adam Ant, musician
Emilie Autumn, musician
Andy Behrman, author
Max Bemis, musician Say Anything
Maurice Benard, actor
Ludwig Boltzmann, mathmetician
Adrian Borland, British musician
Russell Brand, actor
Andrea Breth, Stage director
Jeremy Brett, actor
Frank Bruno, boxer
Robert Calvert, musician Hawkind
Alastair Campbell, press advisor
Georg Cantor, mathematician
Dick Cavett, television journalist
Iris Chang, historian
John Clare, poet
Kurt Cobain, musician Nirvana
Neil Cole, politician
Rosemary Clooney, singer and actress
Patricia Cornwell, writer
Robert S. Corrington, theologist
Michael Costa, politician
Vincent Crane, keyboardist Atomic Rooster
Ray Davies, musician
Mike Doughty, musician
Charmaine Dragun, Australian journalist
Richard Dreyfuss, legendary actor
Patty Duke, actress
Disco D, record producer
Carrie Fisher, Star Wars actress and writer
Connie Francis, singer
Stephen Fry, actor, writer, comedian
Justin Furstenfeld, lead singer Blue October
Alan Garner, novelist
Paul Gascione, English footballer
Mel Gibson, actor and director
Mathew Good, Canadian musician
Philip Graham, publisher
Macy Gray musician
Graham Greene, English novelist
Ivon Gurney, English composer
Terry Hall, lead singer The Specials
Linda Hamilton, Terminator actress
Robert Hansen, killer
Mariette Hartley, actress
Jonathan Hay, Australian footballer
Ernest Hemingway, writer
Kristin Hersh, musician
Abbie Hoffman, political activist
Marya Hornbacher, writer
Jack Irons, drummer formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers
Kay Redfield Jamison psychologist, activist, author
Daniel Johnston, musician
Andrew Johns, Rugby player
Lee Joon, Korean actor and musician
Chris Kanyon, American wrestler
Kerry Katona, English tv star
Rep. Patrick Kennedy, politician, member of Kennedy family
Otto Klemperer, conductor
Margot Kidder, Superman actress
Patrick Kroupa, writer and hacker
Vivien Leigh, Gone With The Wind actress
Jennifer Lewis, actress
Bill Lichtenstein, print and broadcast journalist
Jack London, American author
Demi Lovato, actress, singer, Disney star
Arthur McIntyre, Australian artist
Kristy McNichol, actress
Burgess Meredith, actor from Batman television show
Eric Millegan, actor
Kate Millett, author
Spike Milligan, comedian
Ben Moody, musician
Seaneen Molloy, Northern Irish blogger
John A. Mulheren, American investor and financier
Edvard Munch, artist
Robert Munsch, author
Florence Nightingale, nurse and legendary health campaigner
Sinead O’Connor, musician
Graeme Obree, Scottish racing cyclist
Phil Ochs, musician
Bill Oddie, naturalist, comic, television presenter
Ozzy Osbourne, singer
Cheri Oteri, Saturday Night Live actress
Craig Owens, singer for Chiodos
Nicola Paggett, actor
Emma Parker Bowles, model
Jaco Pastorius, jazz musician
Jane Pauley, television host, journalist
Edgar Allen Poe, legendary poet
Jackson Pollock, American artist
Odean Pope, jazz musician
Gail Porter, British TV presenter
Emil Post, mathematician
Charley Pride, country music artist
Rene Rivkin, entrepreneur
Barret Robbins, NFL Pro Bowler
Axl Rose, lead singer Guns N Roses
Richard Rossi, filmmaker, musician, minister
Robert Schumann, German composer
Nina Simone, American singer
Michael Slater, Australian cricketer
Tony Slattery, actor and comedian
Sidney Sheldon, producer, writer
Tim Smith, rugby player
Peter Steele, lead singer Type O Negative
David Strickland, actor
Poly Styrene, singer
Stuart Sutherland, British psychologist and writer
Mackenzie Taylor, British comedian
Michael Thalbourne, Australian psychologist
Steven Thomas, entrepreneur
Gene Tierney, legendary actress
Devin Townsend, musician
Nick Traina, singer, son of Danielle Steel
Timothy Treadwell, environmentalist
Margaret Trudeau, Canadian celebrity
Jean Claude Van Damme, action star actor
Vincent Van Gogh, legendary artist
Townes Van Zandt, singer and songwriter
Mark Vonnegut, author
Ruby Wax, comedian
Scott Weiland, musician from Stone Temple Pilots
Pete Wentz, musician Fall Out Boy
Delonte West, business executive from The Informant
Brian Wilson, musician The Beach Boys
Amy Winehouse, late legendary singer
Virginia Woolf, legendary writer
Catherine Zeta Jones, actress


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